Sunset Rebels- Band Bio.

Sunset Rebels- Five veteran musicians from the Niagara area with a long established reputation as mighty fine players.  Their tunes range from Classic-Rock to Country-Rock featuring some superb covers of the Eagles, Allman Brothers, Tragically Hip, Lynyrd Skynyrd and maybe a little Travelling Wilbury's just for fun.

The band consists of bass, drums, rhythm guitar and two hot lead guitars.  Everyone does a little singing but their outstanding lead vocalist can convincingly sing Joe Cocker to Rod Stewart.  

The Sunset Rebels keep on ROCKIN'!

Individual Member Bio below. 


Harry has over 40 years in the Niagara music scene, in over 20 different bands playing everything from progressive rock to folk, blues and bluegrass.  Bands include:  Hush  -  Starlord  -  Catwalk  -  97.7 Homegrown Finalist Ice Nine  -  97.7 Homegrown Winner The Stray. 
Proud member of The Small Potatoes from the Documentary "The Big Story of Small Potatoes"; a history of St. Catharines Rock and Roll.  Most recently; Witch Juan's Bob and then More Bad New and the Horns From Hell. 
Interests:  Enjoys long days with a fishing rod, growing facial hair and Scotch. 
Occasionally may be seen in a KILT. (Usually after the Scotch!)

Paul Latulippe- DRUMS; VOCALS

Born Nov. 26 1952, and as most musicians back then I was influenced into music by the Beatles. I started performing in front of audiences at the early age of 13 with a band called The Night Walkers in the Welland area. Since then I have performed with many different musicians from this area. Bands I have worked with, to name a few are, Saturday Night Band, Likker, Witch Juan's Bob and More Bad News and The Horns From Hell.

Highlights of my career include raising over $200,000 for local children's charities with the Saturday Night Band and receiving the Paul Harris Fellow Award from the Rotary Club of Welland  in recognition of the band's contribution towards the betterment of the community. Also opened up for and met David Clayton Thomas ( Fort Erie Race Track) and opened for Randy Bachman (the Friendship Festival) with More Bad News and The Horns From Hell.

I'm looking forward to working with Sunset Rebels, hoping to bring back memories with our music and to put a smile on your face.


A few of the bands that I have played with are "Fat Rabbit", "Hush", and "More Bad News and the Horns from Hell". I'm really proud to be a part of the Sunset Rebels. I feel our repertoire, as well as our sound is very unique.  The song choices are a taste of the "classic" in Classic Rock.  
I hope you can make it out to some of our shows and share in the fun and excitement with us.


I came into this world on Sept. 17, 1950 and thankfully was exposed to all kinds of music by my parents while growing up in west St. Catharines.  With their encouragement, I picked up the guitar and then promptly switched to bass when I heard the Beatles on the radio in 1964.  I have enjoyed playing since then with bands such as Dakota, Loose Change, Kokopeli, Kindred and the British Invasion. The players in the Sunset Rebels are the finest I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  It is an honour and a privilege to share the stage with them;  great musicians and even greater friends!  Enjoy the show!


Where it All Began:  Born August 30, 1954 to a mother and father whose idea of fun was playing music around a kitchen table with their friends.  Later I sang in  a boys choir which led to my first band at age 13, learning Clapton and Hendrix riffs on my cheap acoustic guitar.  I played mostly folk music thorugh highschool and bought my first electric guitar at 22.  Loved Southern Rock, Blues, R&B, R&R, old jazz (roots).  
Bands:  The Session ( R&B Psychedelic Rock)
Loose Change (Folk, Pop/Rock)
Kokopeli (R&B, Pop)
Kindred (Folk, Roots)
British Invasion Band ( 60s British)
Looking forward to bringing some knowledge of these styles to Sunset Rebels.